Darwin Pharmaceutical

About Us

Darwin Platform Pharmaceuticals Ltd is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra that has expanded its scope and operations to combat COVID-19. The Company is the drug arm of Darwin Platform Group of Companies established by Mr. Ajay Harinath Singh in 2010. Today, it is a leading pharma company in India. The Company expanded its operations in 2018 to provide momentum to the Indian Pharma Industry which has become the third-largest producer in the world in terms of volumes and India still stands at number 14 in the world in terms of value. In 2020, to deal with the cascading effects of a pandemic on human lives, Darwin Platform Pharmaceuticals Ltd. ramped up its capacities and has started supplying Anti-viral Kits such as Masks, Sanitizers, and Immunity booster drugs across the country. The company has initiated talks with several state governments for the supply of test kits also. The launch of testing and antiviral kits reflects the company’s concerns about a social cause in times of an emergency because of Pandemic.

Darwin Platform Pharmaceuticals Ltd has entered into Joint Ventures with several American and European companies to manufacture and supply a wide range of affordable products and solutions for the global market. The company supplies Immunity booster drugs such as Steroids and Vitamin for the public. People can call or write the company for the boosters and the drugs will be delivered to their doorstep. Darwin Pharmaceutical is all set to deliver immunity booster drugs and other products to its customers/members at a discounted rate due to the coronavirus outbreak.